Personal Life Coach

with a smile!



My name is Yasemin Gündoğdu, I am an internationally certified Personal Life Coach of YourGen in Hengelo (Overijssel).


I use the recognized Compass, NLP and mBIT method to make people, who are dealing with psychosocial problems or mental imbalance, happy again.


My personal coaching is focused on your wellbeing!


Are you feeling happy and content?


Psychosocial problems and mental imbalance manifest themselves in thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical symptoms.

As a Personal life coach I assist with symptoms of emotional and psychological symptoms, such as:


  • worrying
  • helplessness
  • insecurity
  • sadness
  • fear of failure
  • feelings of depression
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • social fear

The road I have travelled to become who I am, has inspired and stimulated me to become a certified Personal Life Coach.

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As Compass, NLP and mBIT coach I focus on enhancing your quality of life and happiness, in order to find more balance between your personal wishes and the relation to the work and the world around you.

Experiencing inner unrest often plays a role as well.

The feeling of being lived as if you are not making the choices yourself. I would like to transfer my knowledge with a smile and positivity and to look at your wishes and needs with a professional eye!

Every person can be happy!


Happiness is a feeling, an inner state of being. Many people make their sense of happiness dependent on external circumstances. But even if all ingredients are present to be able to feel happy, this is not always the case.


Feeling happy is not self-evident. For this self-confidence, resilience and defensibility is needed. One person experiences more positivity by nature then another person, but for each person, if you want to experience happiness you cannot wait until your dreams automatically come true. People who are happy, create this happiness themselves. They anticipate situations they experience in their lives and steer it in the direction they want.


In the course of each person’s life events have their impact on our feeling of happiness. Those events have often formed unconscious patterns that actually hold us back later in life to be happy.


Would you also like to enjoy your life more with a smile?