Your Personal Life Coach

May I introduce myself to you? 

My name is Yasemin Gündoğdu. I am a certified Coach in my own Coaching practice YourGen in Hengelo-Overijssel.


Ever since my childhood I have been a highly sensitive person , resulting in the fact that the view of myself was blurred by patches of fog of energy from other people around me. I discovered that not all fears that I felt, were my own fears. Also negative convictions and worries often proved to be a part of others, of people around me.


This awareness has changed my life, for I felt the desire to turn my high-sensitivity around to something positive.


In order to achieve this I have gotten to know myself better step by step. My self-reflection confronted me with the fact that I put myself down rather dan encouraging myself. I always found fault in myself and had little self-confidence.

Loving, accepting, appreciating and respecting myself were clearly my learning points and my growing points. I needed to learn to look at myself lovingly and without judgment.


In spite of the fact that I found this heavy and confronting, I followed through with self-reflection. I succeeded to look at myself more and more lovingly. I have become tolerant forgiving with respect to my own actions. I also learned to see my strong points and to confirm myself in this.


In contact with myself I could better observe or release the energy of others !

I have now come to a point in my life that I have let go my fears, worries, mental pain and negative convictions or turned them around into positive energy.

I have made a connection with myself. I listen to my feelings and act after what is now good for me. I trust my feeling and remain true to myself.

The reflection period has given me the insight what I want and how I want to be. This is what I wish for you too!


Of course you may count on a professional coaching process, for I have completed multiple recognized training courses such as Compass, mBIT Coaching and NLP Master in order to give you the proper method to make you wishes and desires come true. Read here about my working method.

Life is one big learning process and inner growth process. Whereever you are in your learning process: you are “ok” as you are, because you are worth it.

Accept yourself the way you are, including all your vulnerabilities and growth points. It is good the way it is.


I am happy to help you in discovering your true self!