Inspirational Coaching

What is the meaning of inspiration for you?


Do you have enough inspiration? Do you still have enlightening ideas or do you have the feeling to be stuck in a personal issue?

Then break the pattern by Inspirational Coaching by YourGen!


What is Inspirational Coaching?


As an Internationally certified Coach I will reprogram your thoughts with NLP, because negative thoughts are influencing your behaviour.

This change in behaviour starts with the awareness of your perception, that is to say, being aware of the way you experience the world around you.


Perception is the process of consciousness, insight by information with the senses, such as hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling and tasting, to registrate, to interpret and to organize in your brain.


The interpretation is different for each human being, for this is based on the norms, values, knowledge and experiences, which a human being attributes to certain information. You not only interpret things that you can registrate with your senses. Also concepts, ideas and phantasies provide inspiration.


An example: you see a dog. Because your neighbour has a dangerous dog that sometimes bites, you interpret the dog as dangerous. The characteristic “dangerous” is a part of your perception of the dog. Your neighbour probably has a completely different perception of his dog.


Become director of your own life again by Inspirational Coaching with the help of NLP!


The Inspirational Coach YourGen takes a closer look by Neuro Linguistic Programming, an effective methodology with which you can transform your perception.


Do you want to know what Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), can do for you?


Inspiration prompts people to undertake something, often resulting from ideas that are new and thoughts and perceptions that appeal to them.

That what inspires you, stimulates your learning ability.

You will perceive which thoughts and emotions are valuable for you. This leads to a greater determination to change in a positive manner.

You will find that the secret of happiness lies in your own hands.


Whichever challenge you will face, inspiration ensures you to take action in order to accept the challenge. It ensures positive thoughts with strengthening emotions. It makes you wish to be of importance. Inspiration ensures that you will act from within yourself. And that you will strive after improving yourself, to grow.


Allow yourself to do so!