How does the coaching process of YourGen proceeds?


Coaching methods such as Compass, Neuro-linguistic programming NLP and mBIT are methodologies that are valuable for a sustainable and effective coaching process.

As Personal Life Coach I, Yasemin, believe that you yourself can solve your problems in a sustainable way.

I assist, not by talking about it, but by teaching you to listen to your feelings and to learn how to understand these, place them in the proper context and to strengthen or refute them.

If talking was the solution, then all problems would have been eliminated long ago. I appeal to that of which you are not aware of, whereby my starting point is the self-recovering ability of the human being. What does this mean?


This means that I, as Personal Life Coach, assume that unconsciously you very well know yourself what is the best choice and solution.

Only the problem is that you cannot reach it, because the solution is hidden in your subconsciousness, therefore I assist you, for a sustainable result at various levels.


At Mental level (IQ)

Among other things by deepening conversations, gaining insights and understanding yourself in the broader context.

This ensures more understanding of yourself, your behaviour and your surroundings.


At Emotional level (EQ)

By learning to feel feelings and emotions, to become familiar with them, to interpret them and to learn to give words to them. This ensures that you understand what is happening with you, so you can act on it.


At physical level (FQ)

By taking responsibility for, being present in , your body and to achieve healing of deep felt experiences. This ensures relaxation and relief. Thus space emerges for new ideas and opportunities.


At Spiritual level (SQ)

By making connections between your experiences, the context and these different layers of consciousness, which enables your intuition to develop itself. This ensures that you are much better able to anticipate situations that occur in your life.


The result? All this ensures better understanding of yourself and the other and to be relaxed in life. It ensures resilience and self-confidence. You will stand more firmly on your own two feet you will make choices that are in line with what you want, whereby you will take charge in order to increase your life happiness and that of others.

Compass Coaching

Compass can help you to make use of your personal qualities, to overcome limitations, to solve conflicts and to gain insight in situation in which you wish to flourish.


If you let yourself be guided by your internal values, then you are at the wheel of your own life. Then you can live and work from the heart.


By Compass coaching you can refind your compass and you will choose purposefully not be lived anymore by external circumstances and control mechanisms that limit you.


NLP Coaching


Personal Life Coach also works solution-oriented from NLP, for Neuro linguistic programming offers opportunities to look in a practical manner to which thought patterns, emotions and behaviour lead to your success and which ones just do not. Investigates which unconscious strategies motivate you, stimulate your creativity and make you think in opportunities and which inhibit or stop you. NLP is about discovering “how” you go about doing things that you do and how you can possibly change this. How do you react by communication and behaviour on that what you observe and how could you do this more effectively or different?

mBIT Coaching

Another Internationally recognized method is mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques). Unconsciously the human being communicates with three brains: the head, heart and the stomach.


Do you recognize the following statements? ‘I want to follow my heart’, ‘I want to better learn to listen to my intuition’ or ‘I want a better contact with my feeling’.


By mBIT Coaching you can create balance between thinking, doing and feeling. It offers you the tools to carry out a deep and permanent change with the objective a higher level of wellbeing.

This coaching process is extremely applicable for people who:


  • Experience inner conflicts between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • Not being able to take action and sabotaging their dreams and goals.
  • Find it difficult to take decisions.
  • Experience stress and disbalance in themselves.
  • Find it difficult to motivate themselves.
  • Are bothered by “heavy” emotions, such as anger, frustrations, depression, bitterness, fear and sadness.