Motivational Coaching


Why is it that you have days on which you are so motivated and are just in the flow of progress, whereas on other days you are glued to your sofa?


Some people just have this drive, this ambition, this hunger to achieve success, while other do not have this drive. At least, that is what we make ourselves believe all too often.


I can put your mind at rest. It all bears down to one thing: motivation.


Motivational Coaching is for people who strive after more life happiness!


Most people do not know where motivation comes from and hope that there ever will be a day that the wake up and are motivated. Alas, it does not work that way!


Just think of the following metaphor: A power station does not have power, it creates or generates power. The human being does not have motivation by nature; the motivation needs to be created, by ambition or desire.


People with ambition strive after a better situation and have the intention and desire to come into a more favourable position!


Ambition is that what you want, what you are working towards and for what you will take action.


As Personal Life Coach I will teach you to have desires and ambitions and to get motivation from this!

I support you with what you want to do, what impact you wish to make and how you can also contribute to a better world. Together with you on the way to more life happiness!


Of course you may count on a professional coaching process, for I have completed various certified training courses such as Compass, NLP Master and mBIT Coaching, to be able to offer you the proper methodology in order to make your wishes and desires come true.