mBIT Coaching

mBIT Coaching


What is mBIT Coaching?

mBIT stands for Multiple Brain Integration Technique, also called MBraining . It has interfaces with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), but did not, like NLP, originate from psychotherapy, but from trade and industry and neurosciences.


In brief: we are taught to use “multiple brains” and to align them.


What distinguishes the mBit method?


The mBIT method is based on the latest developments in the field of neuropsychology and our insight in the working of the brain. The big difference between mBIT and other methods is that here we depart from the discovery that we do not only have a brain in our head, but also one in our heart and our stomach.

The basis is bringing in balance and having cooperate those three different brains, by making use of breathing techniques in particular.

Except for promoting effective leadership the method can also be used for personal development, personal effectivity, positive awareness and improving the adaptive capacity.

Does one of the following scenarios sound familiar?


Is there a conflict between what you think, what you feel and that what you do? Do you have the feeling that you need to do something, but you cannot find the motivation to take the first step?


If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have experienced the conflict that arises when your three brains: your head, heart and stomach are not aligned.


As children we are capable of feeling and being deeply intuitive. Our survival depends on the fact that you can react automatically without cognitive thought behind your actions. During your life experiences can get you to disengage yourself of your intuition, the supervision of your emotions or feelings.

The messages of your brains are indeed there, but maybe you cannot hear or understand them. Or you may have been taught unconsciously to ignore them, depreciate them or to reject them.


Research from the past years shows that by neuroplasticity we can make a connection again at any point in our lives and that we can learn to tap into our inner wisdom by mBIT behavioural change techniques.


When you are following a coaching process with a certified mBIT-coach, you are exploring your whole neural network, including your autonomic nervous system, to hear these messages again, to understand them and to feel them.

This process is scientifically based and enables you to connect your head, heart and stomach again, and to communicate with the unused power within you.


As Personal Life Coach I am also certified for the NLP and Compass method besides mBIT !


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