Creating harmony and balance by mBIT Coaching


What do you need to achieve balance? Who can be called a harmonious and balanced person?


Harmony will ensure a serene, balanced situation where different elements are well aligned and where there are no conflicts or contradictions. The qualities of a harmonious personality are adulthood, responsibility and stability.


When there is a matter of a mental and physical harmony you can say there is balance in your life; a certain degree of order that cannot be disturbed just like that.

Who would not want this?


Harmony between body and mind can be reached with mBIT Coaching!


mBIT Coaching is a revolutionary and sustainable methodology in order to bring about transformation. Unconsciously one communicates with three brains: your head, your heart and your stomach.

By applying the mBIT method, you can create more balance between thinking, doing, and feeling. It provides you with the tools to quickly and effectively have profound and lasting change in yourself and in others, for the purpose of a higher level of wellbeing.


I take my time to think about your nature, your personality and peculiarities and I will draw up a personal plan for you in order to find balance between body and mind and between your heart and your head.

Questions such as 'Who do you want to be? What are your goals? How big is your willpower' .. are leading in this.

After the coaching process you will be determined, you will have perseverance and high confidence in yourself and your commitment.

You are a harmoniously developed personality radiating positivity and happiness.

You can obviously count on a professional coaching process, for I have successfully completed an internationally certified mBIT training in order to offer you the proper methodology to make your wishes and desires come true.


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