NLP Coaching

What is NLP coaching?


NLP is the abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming, a methodology enabling you to become aware of unconscious mental processes and how to turn around these processes in a positive way. In brief, you will get more grip on your life with NLP Coaching.


Neuro-linguistic programming is acknowledged and proven to be valuable in a sustainable and efficient coaching process.


Neuro: (neurological) has to do with our nervous system, the neurological connections that we make in our brain and how we store that which we perceive with our senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting).


Linguistic: linguistics (taalkunde) deals with the way we use language in order to give meaning to what we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. 


Programming: is about how we act. Everything we know and are able to do is what we taught ourselves, but we can also change these learned processes.


As NLP coach I assist you in mapping behaviour, emotions and thoughts that unconsciously block you, for instance in your private life, your job or your entrepreneurship.

In the coaching process I provide you with tools to change internal processes, that counter you, into constructive behaviour and positive thoughts.


NLP is eminently suitable for business coaching and personal coaching!


As Personal Life Coach I can support you in your private life in your personal development and in improving the relationships that you have with the people around you.


NLP coaching teaches you to deal with stress in your professional environment, but also contributes to a better way of communicating and working together in the work place.


In addition this method ensures a decrease in psychological complaints in a relatively short time and an increase in positive feelings!


You may see my professional coaching as a personal guidance form whereby I support you in your process of development.

In our conversations we investigate your interpretations, convictions and patterns and we analyze which coaching method (NLP, mBIT of Compass) best fits you and your objectives.




New insights offer new opportunities, namely changing your own behaviour.


You also learn to reflect on your own thinking process.


You learn to take responsibility for your own actions and you will see the effect of this on your environment.


By self-knowledge you also acquire knowledge about others, for the more self-conscious you are, the better you are able to put yourself in the shoes of others.


Intake interviews


If you sign up, we will make an appointment for a non-binding intake interview. In this interview we will explore your coach request together and we will discuss what the sequel will look like.

Having good chemistry is very important for the success of a coaching process. Only you can decide whether you have a good feeling about me. It has to appeal to you and be good for you, otherwise the process has little meaning.


The NLP coaching process


If you want to take the plunge, I will send you an offer after which we can start with a coaching process.

Depending on the question a process usually takes 6 to 8 talks ( one to one and a half hours per talk).


Of course this can be shortened or extended. During the coaching process we focus on the previously set targets.

This is also the guideline for keeping an eye on the progress.


Besides NLP I am also certified as Personal Life Coach for the mBit and Compass method!